Gout Tips

January 26th, 2012 by admin

There are many people that might be suffering from the tenderness or redness of the joints. It is possible that they are suffering from gout. Usually caused by excessive production of uric acid in the body, gout mainly affects the big toe. In such a situation, the body has problems in getting rid of any excessive uric acid.

Although the symptoms of gout might occur quite suddenly, or even overnight, they are very easy to detect. Many of these symptoms involve intense pain in the joints. While it is not at all uncommon to feel pain in the big toe, other places where one might feel pain include the knees, feet, hands, wrists and ankles. During the first 24 hours, the pain might be unbearable and as the pain subsides, one might still experience some discomfort in these joints that usually lasts for a few days. Other symptoms usually include tenderness and even redness of the joints.

Gout treatment can be used as a means of preventing any future occurrence of such an attack while at the same time can also control a very severe attack. Some of the recommended treatments for gout are Colchine, Corticosteroids and Nonstroidal, which is an anti-inflammatory drug capable of controlling the inflammation associated with gout. Many doctors also prescribe those drugs that have the ability of reducing production of uric acid as a means of preventing gout.

One of the best ways to control the outbreak of this disease is by consuming the right diet. At the same time, one has to make sure to drink lots of water. At least a minimum of 8 glasses of water should be taken daily. Also limiting one’s consumption of alcohol and ensuring that they stay away from any food containing too much uric acid can help to avoid gout related illnesses.