Many Cures

Living with a disease or dying of a disease is becoming more and more common in our society today. Naturally fund raising by charities and other organizations is becoming as common as the diseases we struggle with as a society. Everywhere you turn; there is someone or some organization asking you to donate for this or that disease. They call you on the phone, they proposition you at the supermarket and they beg on blogs, forums and other media sources and they are extremely successful.

Billions and billions of dollars are donated every year under the heading of search for a cure for cancer or search for a cure for herpes. Every disease has their charities holding out their hands for free money and there has never been a greater more organized fraud.

The sheer lack of new cures being discovered despite the endless and bottomless funding through donations should send up red flags but they dont. It seems no one is willing to question the effectiveness, the agenda or the motive behind medical science. It seems to me that the medical field of science is above question or reproach. How did this happen? How did we come to trust such a profitable yet ineffective industry without question or reproach? You would have to look long and hard to find a more profitable industry than the health industry so when are we going to start expecting some results from it?

We arent going to expect results without a major change. We will remain convinced that disease and suffering is too tricky and complicated for humans to understand and as such all that can be done is to continuously donate in hopes for a better patented drug that might be a little more effective than last years newly patented drugs.

The simple truth being overlooked by all is the fact that medicine and science are not interested in cures. They are not looking for cures. They are looking for profit and profit comes from treating a disease not curing a disease. There was a time when alternative medicine was primarily interested in curing diseases but that time has come and gone and now alternative medicine is every bit as ineffective as western conventional medicine when it comes to curing diseases. Now days both focus on disease treatment and both ignore cures for diseases.

Because people assume the billions of donations are going for research for cures they are unaware of what the funds are actually going for. It is going for medical research but not for cures. It takes billions of dollars to bring a newly patented drug to the market and that is what the donations are going for.

If the medical industry was interested in actual cures they would be researching and investigating human immunity. As it is, there is little to no actual research or studies on human immunity or human immune capability. You can Google for days and find little to nothing of substance on human immune capabilities or possibilities, yet part of the billions freely donated goes to blind testing the newest potential patentable drugs against the human immune system. Every drug goes through blind testing to see if the drug is more effective than the human immune system. The placebo sugar pill represents human immunity in the double and triple blind studies.

Snap out of it for a second, everyone knows a sugar pill is a placebo and has no health benefit whatsoever so what makes a placebo so effective, often more effective than the drugs your donations are being spent on? The human immune system is what makes placebo so effective. Every one of you has an immune system created to offer you immunity and contrary to medical science it is doing everything in its power to offer you immunity. Your subconscious is in charge of your immunity and the reason we struggle with diseases and our health is because we have a medical science convincing use we cannot cure ourselves without a patented drug or treatment. The medical industry convinces our conscious mind to sabotage our subconscious minds. We simply overlook our immune capability while we wait for a corrupt medical industry to give us a pill.
Science and medicine ignore cures that cannot be patented and sold as medicine. Science and medicine ignore your immune systems capabilities because the immune system cannot be patented, you already have it and it does not need any product to support it. There are no incurable diseases only misinformed people who do not understand immunity. Medicine and science are not going to use cures that cannot be patented, it is up to you to discover cures.

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